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Wines from the settlement of Borba have been produced since the Romans planted vines in the 1st century AD, producing the best wines from the region of Alentejo. After decades of being a vision for the region, the founding of Adega de Borba was realized in 1955 and was the first of a series of Cooperatives settled in the Alentejo region. Today they bring together 300 associates whose vineyards cover a total area of 2,200 hectares. Red wines of A d. B dominate at 70% production, with 30% white. With exception of Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah, which are grown throughout the country, Adega de Borba remains true to their traditions with only using varietals indigenous to Portugal.


Adega de Borba – Alentejo, Portugal

Wine NHSLC Code
Premium 26117
Reserve (Cork Label) 26417
Grand Reserva (Cork Label) Limited Quantities 26141
Adega de Borba Garrafeira 26118
Montes Claros Garrafeira 26136

Grand Reserva and Garrafeira wines are strictly produced only in the finest of vintages



In 1926, The Caves Messias company was founded and it is still owned by the family of the founder. The Quintas (Estates) of Caves Messias, including Quinta do Cachao in the Douro which dates back to 1845, span the various wine producing regions of Portugal. These include the regions of Vinho Verde, Douro, Dao, Bairrada and Peninsula de Setubal. Caves Messias produces wines of classic representation from these regions.

Caves Messias

Wine NHSLC Code
Santola – Vinho Verde, Portugal 25240
Quinta do Penedo – Dao, Portugal 26129



DFJ Vinhos was founded in 1998 and controls 400 ha of single estate vineyards, mainly in the Lisboa wine region. Owner Jose Neiva Correia has dedicated himself to innovation, both by technology and the introduction of grape varities, such as Caladoc, a cross of Grenache and Malbec. DFJ’s brands are highly awarded, including several Double Golds throughout the world and was awarded “Portuguese Wine Company of 2004” by the “Revista de Vinhos” magazine. DFJ was twice awarded “Red Wine of the Year” at the IWC, London and has received several mentions in Wine Enthusiast including Best of their top 100 best buy list.

DFJ Vinhos

Wine NHSLC Code
Vega – Douro, Portugal 25237
Portada Red – Lisbon, Portugal 25241
Portada White – Lisbon, Portugal 25239
DFJ Alvarinho & Chardonnay – Lisbon, Portugal 26122


Vallegre shareholders represent the fifth generation of a family deeply rooted in the Douro region, which is dedicated to the production of high quality Port wines and Douro DOC table wines. Vallegre owns 3 estates in the Douro region, with approximately 100 hectares of vineyards. Quinta da Valle Longo and Quinta da Vista Alegre are the two most important with vines over 80 years old in Vista Alegre and highly concentrated fruit grown in Valle Longo. These Quintas represent an integral part of the beautiful landscape of the Douro Valley.


Wine NHSLC Code
Valle de Longo – Douro, Portugal 28467



Provam is a society of quotas constituted by 10 winegrowers of the Sub-Region of Moncao, in Vinho Verde. In 1992, driven by passion for all things wine, decided to build a modern and functional cellar for wine production of Alvarinho wines and the Alvarinho and Trajadura grape varietals. The vineyards are selected by their viticulture and oenological potential, in order to produce wines of excellence and diversity. Provam’s focus continues to be soley on the production wines from the Alvarinho and Trajadura grapes.

Provam – Vinho Verde, Portugal

Wine NHSLC Code
Provam – Trajadura 70% & Alvarinho 30% 25238
Varanda do Conde – Alvarinho 70% & Trajadura 30% 26131
Portal do Fidalgo – Alvarinho 100% 26130



The Enoport Group was born in 2005 from the union of a group of companies with great tradition and historical recognition within the Portuguese wine sector. Joining the experience with the newest management and technology, new companies were created based on three major core business areas – Agriculture/Tourism, Production and Distribution – each aiming at excellence and the commitment to the high standards demanded by a global market. Enoport United Wines encompasses many brands that have been in existence for over 100 years.

Enoport United Wines

Wine NHSLC Code
Bucellas Arinto 100% – Bucelas, Portugal (Lisbon Region) 25242

Casa de Santar

Wine NHSLC Code
Estate Bottled Red – Dao, Portugal 28633
Estate Bottled White – Dao, Portugal 28636
Estate Bottled Red Reserva – Dao, Portugal 28634
Estate Bottled Touriga Nacional – Dao, Portugal 28635

Quinta da Cabriz

Wine NHSLC Code
Estate Bottled Red 375ml – Dao, Portugal 28628
Estate Bottled White 375 – Dao, Portugal 28630
Estate Bottled White 750ml – Dao, Portugal 28631
Estate Bottled White Reserva – Dao, Portugal 28632
Estate Bottled Rose – Dao, Portugal 28629

Quinta do Encontro

Wine NHSLC Code
Sparkling Rose – Bairrada, Portugal 28642
Merlot & Baga – Bairrada, Portugal 28644